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What's wrong with this economic picture of Rapid Lake:


We have been working successfully with the First Nations community of Rapid Lake, Quebec, since 2013, motivating children and youth toward academic success. Our work has...

When the community of Attawapiskat declared a state of emergency in April 2016, I Love First Peoples responded by launching the I Love Attawapiskat & Canada’s Aboriginal Youth celebrity campaign. To this day, over 100 recording artists, visual artists, actors, models and athletes have e...

Today the CBC published the images below in a shocking article about the Sayisi Dene community: 

The community was forced to relocate in the 50's without any assistance from our government. T...

We contacted Jellisa late one night over Twitter, to ask if she would "love" Attawapiskat with us. Happily, she said. We were thrilled, and our question left her thinking.

A few days passed, and Jellisa circled back to find out more about our organization, and more specifically about Att...

We are so grateful for the many celebrities who daily are sending their words of encouragement to Indigenous youth across Canada through our organization at Today, we are especially grateful to share this very special message from Chief Dr. Robert Joseph and hi...

This blog is well overdue. Reality is, launching a celebrity platform is not restful. Iain and I are sold out to the cause, so we work long hours and run on little sleep. Our focus has been to get as much support for the youth as possible.

So thank you for your patience! While we’ve been...

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